Carp is a large freshwater fish that is a type of carp. Despite the fact that carp are omnivorous and undemanding to conditions, to catch him is not easy. This fish has good hearing and keen sense of smell, she is fearful and cautious.

Inhabits the carp in the rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Usually it inhabits rivers with slow current, and prefers places with a solid clay bottom. Carp also found in some rivers flowing into the Black sea.

Bait for catching carp

When selecting bait, you need to take into account the seasonal feeding habits of carp. In the summer months it is better to use baits of plant origin: corn, canned peas, slices of boiled potatoes. Also in the summer the carp bite is good on bread, wheat porridge and barley. In addition, give a good result anyway — it's balls of a mixture of herbal ingredients and cereals.

In spring and autumn good carp bite on earthworms, bloodworms, maggots, various larvae, and cooked shrimp meat. Winter carp unlike other fish continues to eat. Fans of winter fishing usually catch it on spinners, live bait-whitebait, jigs and worms. Also fishing stores you can buy protein paste, which is a good bait, carp dough bites most actively in late winter.

Tackle for carp fishing

Carp can be caught on the trout line, bait or feeder tackle. As for float fishing rods, it is better to use the hard model because the rod may break during jerking when playing a fish.

Best suited the rod length from four to six meters, equipped with a light spinning reel. The coil is very important the presence of the friction brakes with high sensitivity.

The line should choose a durable and soft, for example, fit line to dull greenish hue. The breaking load shall be not less than four pounds. For carp fishing suitable as a monoscaffold and braid.

The float, you can use any shape, but floats with a thin tip is more sensitive, so you can easily detect a strike. It is worth considering that the bright float may deter carp.

Hooks is best to choose a short forend. Hook size according to the international numbering № 8-10. If you go to the pond inhabited by large carp, it is better to use larger hooks, for example, No. 12-14.