You will need
  • Disposable syringe for intramuscular injection
  • Alcohol wipes or sterile cotton wool and alcohol (Cologne)
  • Vitamins in capsules
Before pricking the vitamins, consult a doctor. Do not put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment independently. After all, "normal", natural way of intake of vitamins is food, and vitamin injections are an extreme measure. While intramuscular injections of vitamins you can do for yourself is quite simple.
Most often, the injections are in the thigh – the upper outer quarter. If you prick the vitamins yourself – you can put a needle in the outer thigh (upper third).
Before you make an injection, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Open the syringe and vial with a solution of vitamin. Then remove the syringe needle plastic safety cap and pull the plunger, let the syringe a little air. Now you can dial into the syringe the drug. Once the vial is empty, turn the full syringe the needle up and gently tap it with a fingernail, small air bubbles are gathered into one big air bubble at the top of the syringe. Then slowly push the plunger up until all air comes out, and the tip of the needle does not appear a drop of the drug.
Wipe the injection site with a sterile alcohol pad (can be purchased at the pharmacy). Instead of napkins, you can use a sterile cotton wool moistened with alcohol or Cologne. Then the left hand slightly stretch the skin at the site chosen for the injection, and right quickly insert the needle approximately at half the length. By pushing the plunger slowly, enter vitamin.
Again wipe the injection site with an alcohol pad or cotton wool to quickly remove the needle and press a cotton swab to the injection site for a minute or two. If you hit a blood vessel and the puncture site was made by a drop of blood – keep the fleece until then, until the bleeding stops.