Advice 1: How to inject vitamins B6 and B12

Injection of vitamins B6 and B12 are produced to replenish lack of these substances in the human body. Vitamins help both athletes with intensive training and people who suffer from diseases of the joints, blood, Central nervous system or recovering from a serious injury.
How to inject vitamins B6 and B12

The purpose of the injection

Vitamins are necessary for the functioning of the body. However, the vitamins in tablets for oral absorbed much worse due to the fact that some substances cannot completely be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. These vitamins include B6 and B12. Despite the fact that substances are quite common in food products and vitamin complexes to quickly compensate for the deficiency of these substances the drug is administered intramuscularly by injection.

Often for injections doctors prescribe vitamin B complex. Vitamin injections are carried out in certain dietary restrictions when food does not get sufficient amounts of vitamin. The appointment of B6 and B12 intravenously conducted to reduce the severity of side effects in the therapy treatment of certain diseases (e.g., tuberculosis). The B vitamins prescribed for the treatment of neurological disorders.
Vitamins B6 and B12 can be compatible, but because they can be cleaved simultaneously. If you are prescribed vitamin B1, the rate of injections should be alternated.

Holding the injection

Before you self to put the injection, consult your doctor. Find out information about the amount of the drug required to enter and how to prepare the solution and how many times a day is necessary to inject the vitamins. You should also know the duration of the course of injections.

Before the injection, you can prepare two dishes for the placement of clean and waste material in the injection. Prepare the syringe, solution vitamins for injection. You will also need 3 wipes to disinfect the place of injection.
A course of vitamin B12 does not exceed 2 weeks when amount of substance is not more than 1 mg per day.

Before the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and then pick the vial of vitamins by means of a knife or blade, which went in one package with the medication. Enter the solution into the syringe by mounting the needle in the ampule. Pull the plunger. Turn the syringe up and pushing the plunger will release the solution caught in the air. Let up until the end of the needle will not drop medication.
Injection of vitamin B6 is quite painful.

Wipe the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, or alcohol wipe. Two fingers of the free hand you can slightly stretch the skin in the place in which are going to make the shot. Quickly insert the needle at ¾ of its size and start to gradually introduce the drug. As soon as the vitamins are introduced, quickly remove the syringe and apply for a few minutes the alcohol wipe or cotton swab with alcohol.

Advice 2: How to inject vitamins

Some vitamins (especially b vitamins) is quite poorly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, there are cases when the doctor recommends vitamins intramuscularly – in other words, injections. But how to inject vitamins?
How to inject vitamins
You will need
  • Disposable syringe for intramuscular injection
  • Alcohol wipes or sterile cotton wool and alcohol (Cologne)
  • Vitamins in capsules
Before pricking the vitamins, consult a doctor. Do not put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment independently. After all, "normal", natural way of intake of vitamins is food, and vitamin injections are an extreme measure. While intramuscular injections of vitamins you can do for yourself is quite simple.
Most often, the injections are in the thigh – the upper outer quarter. If you prick the vitamins yourself – you can put a needle in the outer thigh (upper third).
Before you make an injection, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Open the syringe and vial with a solution of vitamin. Then remove the syringe needle plastic safety cap and pull the plunger, let the syringe a little air. Now you can dial into the syringe the drug. Once the vial is empty, turn the full syringe the needle up and gently tap it with a fingernail, small air bubbles are gathered into one big air bubble at the top of the syringe. Then slowly push the plunger up until all air comes out, and the tip of the needle does not appear a drop of the drug.
Wipe the injection site with a sterile alcohol pad (can be purchased at the pharmacy). Instead of napkins, you can use a sterile cotton wool moistened with alcohol or Cologne. Then the left hand slightly stretch the skin at the site chosen for the injection, and right quickly insert the needle approximately at half the length. By pushing the plunger slowly, enter vitamin.
Again wipe the injection site with an alcohol pad or cotton wool to quickly remove the needle and press a cotton swab to the injection site for a minute or two. If you hit a blood vessel and the puncture site was made by a drop of blood – keep the fleece until then, until the bleeding stops.
If you are prescribed several courses of injections of vitamins – clearly follow the doctor's recommendations, do not have the initiative, do not mix drugs in the "vitamin cocktail" and do not do injections in the same needle". Many vitamins (especially b group) which are not compatible with each other and can cause allergic reactions, so their shots are alternated: for example, today you make an injection of vitamin B1, tomorrow – B12, and to combine these two events into one day is impossible.

Advice 3: As absorb vitamins

For the normal functioning of the human body needs a full range of vitamins. There are 13. However, you should know that all the vitamins are absorbed differently.
As absorb vitamins
First, the vitamins can be obtained from food and from pills. A very widespread opinion that the vitamins supplied to the body in a natural way, healthier and better digested. This is not so. Scientists have proved that the activity of the substances obtained by different means, the same. So the absorption of natural vitamins is faster compared to synthetic.
Secondly, a full range of vitamins to obtain from nature even more difficult. This is because in vegetables and fruits vitamins exist in bound form, and they are worse absorbed than the chemical counterparts. People should support your body with the help of pharmaceutical tools. This does not apply to just one vitamin E. the synthetic form, it is less active than natural.
To obtain all necessary vitamins from natural foods is not easy because during the process they lose many useful properties. This applies to cooking on the fire, and oiliness. But there is a way which not only preserves the vitamins, but leads them to a more active form, – pickling. This means that in sauerkraut vitamins than fresh, and they absorbed better.
It is important to know that absorption of vitamins is affected by their work. Some substances work well and complement each other, others prevent the absorption, inhibit their antagonists. Use of antagonistic substances, you will not harm their health, but will not help. In this case, you're just going to use a pacifier, as in the body vitamins just neytralizuya. Especially a lot of antagonists are vitamin B12, calcium and iron.
Finally, the absorption of vitamins affects the time at which you take them. It is best to consume vitamins in the morning rather than the evening, when the body is tired and prepares for sleep. And don't forget to do it during a meal. Absorption of vitamins is going to happen better, like a dietary Supplement.
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