In domestic surgery during the operation the foreskin is cut off with a scalpel or scissors. The surgeon eye determines the amount of foreskin to be trimmed. Then sutured, which is not necessary. The material from which is made of threads resolves itself.
Abroad also commonly circumcision with a scalpel, but only by using special tools, patterns, which are selected individually. Thus, the risk that along with the foreskin is cut off a piece of skin of the penis or, conversely, it will be too much, is small enough.
In addition, over the border, however, currently rarely used circumcision using clamps. Foreskin while stretching again, and after a while she dies.
Circumcision surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, in some cases, anesthesia can be shared.
This operation has there are both opponents and supporters. Many believe that circumcision is a relic of the past. However, from the point of view of medicine for surgery has many indications.
Circumcision reduces the risk of cancer. Although cancer of the penis is quite rare, the possibility of its appearance in uncircumcised men is much higher.
When phimosis, a condition in which the opening of the foreskin is very narrow, the operation of circumcision is also shown from the point of view of medicine. Because the discharge from the sebaceous glands of the glans penis is accumulated, which contributes to the development of bacteria, and also wants the irritation and itching.
In addition, circumcised men have less risk of infectious diseases. This contributes to the fact that the head of the penis ogrubevaet faster, and therefore less prone to trauma during intercourse.