You will need
  • The presence of pages on the site "Vkontakte", image to download your photo albums or on your computer.
Go to the page of your profile on the website "Vkontakte". Find your wall by scrolling with your mouse wheel the page down. Immediately after the information you will see your wall.
Locate on the wall the line "What's new". Lower right find the button "attach", click on it with the left mouse button once and in the opened window select "photos". Click on it.
You opened the window "Select photo for the wall (your name)". In it you will see all the photos loaded in your photo albums. Select the desired image just by clicking on it once. If the desired image is not available – look on the next page. Page is indicated in the upper right-hand corner numbers one, two, three and so on.
Your chosen picture will be reflected in a reduced format on the wall. In the top right corner there is a cross when you tap it, you can remove this picture. Otherwise, upload it on the wall. To do this, click "send". After a few seconds the image will be on your wall and you will see him in the news your friends.
If the image to upload is on your computer only, it can not put into albums, and immediately attach to the wall. To do this, tap "What's new" and then click "attach" and "photo".
In the opened window "Select photo for the wall (your name)" at the top of their look for the line "Upload new photo". Click the "Browse" button. You opened the download window, reflecting your desktop. Select the desired image and click on it once with the left mouse button. Then at the bottom of this window, find the "open" button and also press it once.
After a few seconds the image in a reduced form will appear on the wall. Click "send" and it will take your normal size.