You will need
  • Tools: Browser, MS Windows, Adobe Photoshop
To simply copy a picture from a web page, open the source page of the website where you located your desired picture. Hover the mouse arrow over the image and right click. Then select "Save as". A window appears which normally appears on the screen when you save images or text. You have to find or create the folder in which to store the image. It is advisable to rename the saved picture, then to make it easier to work with it.
How to copy <strong>photos</strong>
If the photo cannot be copied using the mouse buttons, use another method. Images that are not copied with the simple press of a button, you can copy from the screen. For this you need to take a screenshot. Open the page of the web site with the desired image. Click Printscreen. Then open a graphics program Adobe Photoshop and click the menu "Edit" – "Paste" and then save the image to disk. You've made scripsit – virtual screenshot. It displayed the whole page of the website from which you swipe up. To get the desired picture, you have to cut it from the screenshot.
Menu Cut – Select Tool. This little square with dotted lines is located in the upper right corner of the tool palette. Cut with it the picture. Open a new window and paste the cut portion. Then click "Save" from the menu "File".
How to copy <strong>photos</strong>
You can also copy all the photoson the web page at once (sometimes the pictures on the web page linked in meaning, so you need to copy them all). There is a very simple and quick way. Open the page of the site (it needs to boot completely). Define the folder that will save and click "Save as" "Web page". Paired with a web page there is a folder with pictures. But it also has a lot of unnecessary files and images. Click "View" – "Arrange icons" – "By type". Image will be lined up in such a way that the desired image will go one after another. It remains to remove unnecessary much time it will require.
How to copy <strong>photos</strong>