wall/b" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> First, download the image to their photo album, and from it we can move it on the wall. To do this, go to his page "Vkontakte", then click "My Photos" and then next to an album click "Add photos".
Drag the photo with your mouse in the window, or select it in the browse files on computer by clicking "Choose file".
Once the image added to the album, select "My page" or click on the page of the person you want to share a picture. It on top of the wall under the window for a message, click "Attach" - "the Photo". Select the uploaded photo, write a text message (if needed) and hit "Send." After that, the wall will be your picture.
If you want to insert a file image from your computer directly, without adding it to your album, click "Attach" - "Image" - "Choose files". Select a picture in the review of files your computer and click "Send".
If you want to insert graffiti, click "Attach" - "Other..." - Graffiti. Draw a picture (graffiti) and click "Send".
To share with friends interesting picture you saw in the group, or any user of "Vkontakte", click on "heart" ("like") underneath the image. Then click "Tell friends".
The picture will automatically appear on your wall with a link to the group or user (i.e., marked who have you added it to itself).