For a start it is worth noting that the return and exchange medicines are impossible in the case if the products have the proper quality. This decision was established in connection with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, published in January 1998 and on the basis of the order №785 of the Ministry of health and social development from December 2005.
However, the buyer has right to return the product if it was defective, of poor quality, and if it has expired. This provision is enshrined in the RF law "On protection of consumer rights". The exact time in which you need to return an item does not exist. As a rule, the return should be made within the expiry date or the warranty period of the goods (if purchased, for example, a medical device). In addition, the second paragraph of article 477 of the civil code States that there is a reasonable period of two years from the date of purchase. During this time, also legitimate to return a defective product.
If you decide to return the item the same day that you bought it, then please contact the pharmacy. There will have to invoice for a refund in two instances. One definitely is: you show it when you get the money for the goods. The second invoice will be attached to the marketing report. This is in accordance with paragraph 10.3 of the Methodological recommendations from July 1996. By the way, your funds will give you cash a check from the operating Fund. Please note that it should contain the painting of the head of pharmacy paragraph and his Deputy.
If goods are returned, not the day of purchase, and later the procedure the whole procedure will not change. The difference lies only in the fact that the money you will have to get through the main Treasury of the company, and not through the operating. So make a written statement, under which the accountant will write the account cash warrant. By the way, in both documents (and in the application and in the order) should always contain such data as: name, surname, patronymic, passport data and address of the buyer.