You will need
  • The application for the return of the goods.
According to the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" in the pharmacy , you can return the goods of improper quality. These can be medicines with the expired, defective or damaged. As well as those whose packaging was damaged.
In this case, write a statement about the return or exchange of goods, specifying their personal data, passport number and address. Come with him and return medication to the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist or the Manager. On the basis of this statement the accountant will give you the account cash warrant on which you will be able to get their money back through the main cash Desk of the enterprise. By law, a refund must be made within 10 days from the date of treatment.
Deciding to return the item the same day, you don't need in the preparation of the statement. Simply contact the place where you bought it. You will be given an invoice, which shall be furnished in two copies and certified with the signature of the head of pharmacy or his Deputy. On the basis of this document you will be able to receive money the same day.
In the case when you want to exchange the product for another, the pharmacist is obliged to do within 7 days. If the pharmacy right medicine is missing, the period can be extended up to one month. But this applies only to those goods which are subject to exchange.
If the purchased medicine will be of good quality, it may not be returned. This is fixed by law and not negotiable. The only exception is the error of the pharmacist releasing the product. For example, when he sold you the medication not the dosage that was specified in the recipe. But to return or exchange this item only if you have witnesses to this or other evidence. To avoid any such situation, carefully check all meds on the spot.