Every employee, regardless of whether it hurts or not, paying cash contributions (deductions from salary) medical insurance, as health insurance is compulsory in our country. It is the policy of compulsory medical insurance allows in the future to resolve the majority of issues regarding refunds for medicines that are free for certain categories of citizens.
In our country there is a list of free medicines for certain categories of citizens (children, disabled, etc.), the Ministry of health approved by paying which by accident, negligence or omission of the physician that issued the prescription, you have the right to return the spent money, and how to do it correctly we will describe below.
Contact the insurance company that issued the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
Write a statement modeled on the return of the money spent on medication.
Give cash and receipts for the purchased medicine with the date of purchase. Date is important in order to be able to check when bought the medication and if you have completed a course of treatment at the time.
Provide a statement from the medical card about the disease and prescribed medications. This is to ensure that employees of the insurance company can verify the correctness of the prescribed medication and whether it was paid expensive medicines to replace in this case to those included in the list of free.
You should know that to reimburse the money spent on medication is possible even in the case when the pharmacy was not available need of medication and you had to buy it a substitute for personal savings.