You will need
  • - new sensor;
  • - WD-40 or "liquid wrench";
  • - ring wrench;
  • - scrap;
  • - towing cord;
  • - rags.
Despite the fact that the very process of removing the sensor of oxygen concentration is quite simple and, at first glance, should not cause any difficulties, in practice, motorists faced a lot of problems. The main difficulty stems from the fact that in the process of operation of the vehicle lambda probe tightly "strong liking". As a consequence, disassemble it is not possible.
Some "garage craftsmen" offer to solve this problem is "hard" methods - for example, remove the manifold or just tap with a hammer on the key. However, the use of a hammer may lead to the destruction of the head block or manifold. How to be in this situation?
Stop the engine and allow the vehicle to cool down. Make sure that you can safely hold on to the exhaust manifold. Liberally spray WD-40 or "liquid wrench" on the installation location of the sensor. Tightly wrap the lambda probe with a cloth so that it fit snugly to the collector. Impregnate the cloth with the composition of "liquid wrench" and leave for 8-10 hours. Repeat 1-3 times at intervals of half an hour.
Disconnect the oxygen sensor connector or remove the "minus" terminal of the battery. Remove the cloth. Disconnect the sensor and remove the hose connecting the injection unit and the air filter.
Remove the plastic cap bearing stand. Take the socket 22, route it the oxygen sensor wire and gently pull on the lambda probe. Set the key so that his arm was horizontal and was pointing to the right.
Take the tow cord, make a loop and secure it on the handle of the Allen wrench. Insert the loop through the scrap so that one of its ends rested in the Cup of the strut bearing. Slowly raise the other end of the scrap up, shifting the sensor. Flip the key. Repeat the operation until then, until the key starts to turn by hand.
Unscrew the old oxygen sensor and gently wipe the threads of the manifold with rags. Install the new lambda probe, strongly tightening it. Assemble in reverse order.