Electric ovens are much more functional than the gas. In them you can cook a lot of dishes even the most exotic recipes. Functions differ from each other temperature, some heating, and in the most modern models simply specify the mode and time of making and no longer worry about how to be prepared dish.
The oven door can not be hinged, and sliding. Obviously, in this case, it is much easier to install the trays, and in addition, reduces the risk of a burn when working with a working oven. Spit electric allows you to cook meat, and if it is diagonal, it is quite possible to prepare even suckling pig.
In order to cook in an electric oven on "perfectly", you should follow some rules. First of all, it is advisable to study features of the oven before starting to cook. For cooking best suited to the lower shelf and the utensils should be placed in the center of the pan.
For stewing in the oven suitable kitchenware of cast iron, fireclay or ceramic.
If you want to cook a dish of cold stewing, they should be put in the not preheated oven. Before you can put inside a candy or bakery products, it must be heated to a certain temperature specified in the recipe.
Electric oven allows you to simmer, bake or baked at two different temperatures: the first half the necessary cooking time is at a maximum, and the second at minimum and sometimes completely turned off the oven, since residual heat is enough.