Keep in mind that the main exam is the excellent knowledge of computer science over the entire course of study in high school. So get rid of the gaps in knowledge – repeat the course, starting from 5th grade. Decide in 9th grade with the profession to 10th class to be trained in the appropriate class with a mathematical orientation. Such specialized classes in Informatics devote far more time and quality of the education is correspondingly higher.
If you can not come to class with a mathematical bent, then get ready yourself. Start is in the 10th grade, as the volume of the program of study in high school is very large, and the study of complex scientific terminology will require a serious attitude. Preparing for the exam in computer science will require the preparation of an individual plan.
Include a visit to the tutor and courses of pre-University training. The tutor will prepare for the high school course. And courses that exist at universities, special training or additional education centers will help to peruse all the complex and little researched in the school sections. All this would be of great help to successfully pass the exam.
Allocate more time to developing skills with a variety of formulations of answers and tasks in the format of the exam. To overcome the especially difficult tasks with open answers, master skills of writing code, programs written in Borland or Pascal. Practice in support of your response, clearly providing decision logic.
Check out demos and teaching materials options of exam current year, as every year, in the format of the jobs make a significant change. The maximum score can be obtained only using the latest teaching materials. Find them in a bookstore or on websites. Then when entering the UNIVERSITY will be able to obtain an advantage over competitors.