You will need
  • Software Internet Explorer.
Bookmarks in Internet Explorer unlike other browsers are in the "favorites" section (this tradition stretches back to the first versions of the program). This section is located in the top menu and create a bookmark it is quite simple. In the main program window, navigate to the page you want to remember. Click the top menu "favorites" and select "add to favorites".
Next you should see a small dialog box titled "Add to favorites". Here you are required to specify the name of the bookmarkby moving the focus of the mouse on the "Name" field, or leave the old heading. As a rule, the name of the bookmark by default, includes the name of the site and a lot of other unnecessary information.
In this window, select the directory in which to save the bookmark, if such directories several. To do this, click "Add". If you want to place the bookmark in the still non-existent folder in the empty field type the title and click the button "new folder" and then click OK. Returning to the previous window, click OK or press Enter.
After you create a new bookmark, review it. To do this click the top menu "favorites", open the newly created folder, inside it will contain the new bookmark. To load a saved page you just click the left button of the mouse on the paragraph of the bookmark.
Edit existing bookmarks is possible to produce by "Organize favorites" from the same menu. Bookmarks can be copied, deleted and moved from one directory to another. Please note in case of creating a large number of bookmarks, it is desirable to distribute them on thematic directories. The directories in turn also amenable to editing — rename or delete.