You will need
  • - Internet access
If you want to keep your browser bookmarks in Internet Explorer any open in this tab, you can use several ways of performing this task. Open the context menu by right-clicking in any empty area of the page you want to save.
In the context menu select "add to favorites". You will see a box "Add to favorites", which by pressing the button "Add...", you can choose a specific folder to save the link. After selecting the folder click OK the link will be saved. To check, did you need the link, click in the main window menu browser the item "favorites".
You can save the bookmark of the desired page directly through the browser menu. Select "favorites", then click "add to favorites". In the resulting window you can set the bookmark name or leave the existing. Click OK to create bookmark.
It is worth noting that Internet Explorer, for all its prevalence, is not the best and most convenient browser. Its wide use is due solely to the fact that it comes with Windows, while other browsers have to install. If you need a simple, reliable and convenient browser, select Mozilla Firefox. To search for information online easier just using Google Chrome. Those for whom the network is a place to work, better to use Opera AC with a lot of useful settings.
If you don't want to abandon Internet Explorer, configure it the right way. In particular, enable the discovery of new pages in a new tab, not new window. To do this, in IE-7 go to: "Tools" - "Internet options". Select the tab "General","Tabs" - "settings". Uncheck the line "Enable tabbed browsing". Save the changes by pressing twice on OK and restart the browser.