Start by double-clicking on the desktop, your program for browsing the Internet. In the address bar type the address of the page extension installation "Yandex.Bar" and press the Enter key. It is a complete solution that includes different services starting from a visual bookmarking and ending with the means of checking the connection speed with the network.
Opens a page that matches your browser. That is, users of Internet Explorer will be prompted to install the app for this browser, users of Google Chrome — "Yandex.Bar" for Chrome.
Click on the big button that says "Install". This will start the download of the program and the message from the operating system about the dangers of running files from the Internet. Click "run" to confirm your decision to install visual bookmarks from "Yandex". When the installer fully loads, click the "Next" button in the program window. Click next several times, on each of the screens until you see the "finish"button.
Close the program to browse web pages if it is not restarted automatically. Open the browser again and you will see that you already had pictures of icons of your favorite sites — the installation program itself will determine the most frequently visited pages of the network, creating a bookmarks quick launch.
At the top right of each bookmark (the default is nine) a pop-up menu settings. Click on the cross if you want to remove the bookmark. The leftmost button in the form of two rounded arrows — click on it to refresh the thumbnail image of the website. Press the middle button, if you want to configure the frequency of automatic updates, bookmarks, or change the page address manually. Click the cogwheel in the lower right corner to change background pictures bookmarks, and if you want to do not nine, but more or fewer icons for websites.