Imagine that life begins with a clean slate, and no matter what happened on previous work. Raising self-esteem — the primary task, on which depends the success of the search.
Decide what to do with the labor book, if it appeared unwanted entry. There are two options: first, to honestly tell a prospective employer what happened, then the workbook has nothing to do. Second, in honor of the beginning of new life to break up an old book and say at the interview that there is no employment record, without going into details.
If the old work remained debt or a bad relationship, and bring everything in order.
Prepare a speech for the interview. Some companies will not explore past work and ask uncomfortable questions, and on their own initiative don't have to tell all the secrets of life. But can meet employers, carefully studying the last years of employment. Then it is better frankly to tell what happened and explain that it was in the past, but you can start a new life and never let. You can take on the work for honesty and ability to admit mistakes, because it is a rare quality. After this step you should have two versions of the story in the interview, in accordance with the employer's desire to delve into your life.
Find a suitable job. You had a good preparation and ready to get to workas other people. Looking for the best options and do not worry about that will take you or not.
Make the correct summary. The purpose of this document is to seek an invitation for an interview. Treat your summary as an important letter or business proposal, which is sent for consideration. So summary it is necessary to write individually to each organization and each position. Template options, most likely, will not bring good results, if you have nothing to stand out from other applicants. In correct written summary of what he wants to see the employer seeking the labor market. Before writing a resume make a call to the company, specify requirements for the job and write about it, then you will be invited. But don't write untruth — just place the accents.