You will need
  • - administrator account on the computer.
With the help of special teams, run the built-in kernel debugger Windows. Here, everything may depend on you version of Windows, as they originally laid out a different set of system utilities, respectively, as they have different names, teams will also be different from each other. Usually, a debugger is started independently after the appearance on your screen is BSOD – blue screen. Most often it is the result of errors in the system that require debugging.
Install it on your computer of the program debug the operating system, third-party developers. Here the choice also depends on your operating system. Also with the task of debugging a kernel good variety of programs-SEOs. They are not usually free, but they significantly improve the General state of the operating system as part of the performance and remove errors, after which the emergency shutdown of Windows and the appearance of BSOD.
If for a certain period of time you see frequent crashes of the operating system and the appearance of blue screen even after debugging and software installation, optimization, run a full reinstallation of the drivers and other software. If possible, restore the file to its original status, and then re-install the device drivers. It is best to use the new versions downloaded from the official website.
When your system is running the most stable, create a restore point and backup the registry file system on the removable drive for further booting from it, if in the future it will be damaged by viruses or conflicts arise in the operation of the software.