There are several ways to create a virtual comportand the number of ways is equal to the number of programs that allow such manipulation in a PC. One of the apps of similar kind is Advanced Virtual COM Port. You can download it at the link provided in the category of "Additional sources". Install the program and run. Carefully review the utility interface and locate the button "Create port". In the opened window, select the source portas that you are about to create. Go via menu "start" "control Panel". Select "device Manager" and check the comportov.
Also there is another method of creating a virtual port. It is based on the installation of the driver. To start, download it by clicking on the following link titled "Driver comport". Unzip the downloaded archive to any folder. Then connect the cable side of the USB connector to the computer (the other end of the cable, where there are two DB-9, leave unconnected). Select "search for a suitable driver for my device". Specify the location of the driver. Then click "Browse", select the driver and click on the "finish" button. Restart the computer and check the "device Manager".
To create a virtual comport using the network utility Virtual Null Mode. You can download it, finding the corresponding name in the category of "Additional sources". Install the program. After the installation of the next question about creating a new device, answer Yes. Specify the required numbers of portagents and confirm with the "OK". At this stage, the creation of com-portand over. Restart your computer, go through the menu "start" "control Panel" and check the "device Manager". Also don't forget that virtual ports almost indistinguishable from real, they look and function like their real counterparts.