In the mobile phone, running Android, the main menu system and navigate to the "Settings". Open the link "Applications" and expand "Development". Find the line "Debug USB" and apply it checkbox.
In a tablet device running Android, you must first click on the clock located in the bottom right of the screen. Then click on icon mobile device management, under the clock, and open the 'Settings' link in the menu.
Expand the node "Applications" from the drop-down submenu in the left side of the screen. Select the section "Development" in the following submenu, and apply the checkbox in the line "USB Debugging".
To obtain the root rights on your device download and install on a computer dedicated application SuperOneClick. Please note that installing this application in Windows operating system version XP is first install NetFrameWork, version 2.0.
Turn off the USB debugging mode on the smartphone and connect the device to your desktop computer special USB cable included in the package. Use the Root command in the main window of the application SuperOneClick and wait for the message Waiting for Device.
Re-enable USB debugging mode on the mobile device as described above, and wait until you see the message Starting ADB Server. Again, disable debug mode and second time - turn on. Last time turn off USB debugging. Please note that the last action should be executed before another message Waiting for Device, otherwise the procedure to obtain root access to resources on the mobile device will need to be repeated.