Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and enter a value in the cmd field of the search string to initiate a detach of the kernel debugger.
Open the context menu of the instrument "Command prompt" click right mouse button and select the "Run as administrator".
Specify a value Kdbgctrl.exe -d in the text box, a command line utility to perform the shutdown procedure kernel debugging in the current session and press Enter to confirm the command.
Use the value bcdedit /debug off in the text box, the command line to disable debugging of the processor core for all sessions in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and weed, the function button Enter to confirm your selection.
Enter the value of a dir /ASH to the text box command line to search for a hidden protected file boot.ini on the system drive, for the procedure of disabling the kernel debugger for all sessions in all earlier versions of Microsoft Windows operating system and open the found file in Notepad.
Make the settings:

- /debug;
- debugport;
- /baudrate

and reboot the computer to apply the selected changes.
Click "Continue" in the dialog query window if necessary, perform a debugging operation of the processor core of the system and complete the procedure.
Use the gn command in the text box of the program window "kernel Debugger" when you see the message about the error User break exception (Int 3).
Use mode Debugging Mode when the computer is booted in safe mode to run the enable kernel debugger.