Turn on the computer. If computer has already been enabled, start the process of rebooting from the menu "start" - "turn Off computer" - "Restart."
Go into the BIOS. To do this, at the start of the first few seconds after turning on the PC, press the Delete key on the keyboard. For some BIOS you need to press "Esc" or "F8". On the screen opens an interactive shell environment BIOS. Initially you will be in the first tab "Main".
How to watch <strong>temperature</strong> bios
Go to "Power". Double-tap the keyboard button with the left arrow. The active window will move into two tabs. On the screen appears information about the powered system, where and are the temperature in the BIOS.
How to watch <strong>temperature</strong> bios
Select the item "Hardware Monitor".To do this, move the cursor using the arrow key "down" to this line and press "Enter".
In the next window the first two points will represent the system parameters. The item "CPU Temperature" shows the temperature of CPU, MB Temperature" - the temperature of the motherboard or system Board. Exit BIOS by pressing "Esc".
How to watch <strong>temperature</strong> bios