Open the system section controls brightness and contrast of the screen. Find these controls, open the window settings and adjustments, and then adjust the contrast and brightness, depending on what type of monitor.
If you have a standard monitor with ray tube (CRT), set the maximum contrast value. If the monitor liquid crystal display (LCD) – find the value of contrast, which is installed by default as a factory setting.
Then swipe the brightness setting on the same principle, without making it too low and not making too high. Open the Brightness setting in the OSD menu – often on a typical desktop monitor brightness menu is invoked by buttons on the front panel of the monitor.
If you want to adjust the brightness on the laptop, press the Fn key activates extra functions and holding this key, press button, keyboard, on which there are icons of increase and decrease in brightness.
To reduce too much brightness, repeatedly press the key to decrease until the brightness of the screen will not be optimal and comfortable for working at the computer.
You can also use as a reference to adjust the brightness and contrast of any image that has a dark background and a dark object in the background. When correctly configured the brightness and contrast of the object will be visible in the background, and will not merge with him.