You will need
  • And switching equipment;
  • - the contract with the other provider;
  • advertising.
Determine the future of your company, you see. It's one thing if you will provide provider exclusively in your area. But when you exit on the city level you need to perform completely different tasks. This is what affects the necessary to purchase the equipment, who sign a contract, what is Ethernet, its an ideal speed.
Purchase the necessary equipment which possesses all the required characteristics. Switching equipment that you need includes a digital modem, network switch, router, network. Remember that will need constant monitoring of all computers in your network, so you need a staging system control on server-based remote access management, management station and workstation system administrator.
Sign a contract with another provider for the purchase of traffic. The ideal option would be to buy my own plate with unlimited packages. In this packet there is a certain speed, which has one channel will be divided by users. Therefore, refer to high-speed upstream provider. Otherwise, your clients will connect at a low speed, and this is for you - a big minus. Don't forget that the client also needs to be sure that he is not threatened by virus attacks. This point is very important and shows your level of quality.
Think of the ads: start is best. You can stick printed ads, drop in mailboxes leaflets. Your ads must be accompanied by your phone number, coordinates of the office (at first will be enough to rent a regular apartment) and highlighting your "pluses" (high speed, best rates, etc.).