To adopt the Lotus position without prior preparation is very difficult. First, you need to stretch the muscles and joints of the feet. Sit on the floor, pull your left foot, right bend in the knee. Knead with the hands each finger of the right leg. Use your fingertips to knead the inside and outside surfaces of the foot. Palms spread upwards in the muscles of the leg and thigh. Fingertips remember the knee joint, but do not touch the area below the knee.
Sit on the floor, pull left foot, his right foot put on the left thigh. The right foot at the same time as turning the inner surface of the top. Hold the foot with your left hand, right hand press on the same knee, trying to bring it as much as possible to the floor. Do the exercise 15-20 seconds. Make the switch.
Sit on the floor, legs extended, hands up. Inhale, stretch the top of the head up, stretching the spine and exhale lower the upper body to the legs. Keep your back straight, breathe with your belly, with your hands try to reach the stop. Hold the pose for 15 seconds. On the inhale return to starting position, stretch the top up and put your hands down.
Get on your knees, legs are located as far away from each other. Sit on the floor between your heels, lean back with hands on the floor, inhale to lean backward until back is fully borne. Put your hands on your stomach, eyes shut, breathing evenly. Try to relax in this position. After 15-20 seconds, helping himself with his hands, rise to the starting position.
Sit on your buttocks, bend your knees, put your feet up and position them as close as possible to the groin. Push hands on the knees so they are as close as possible close to the floor. Raise your arms up on the inhale, stretch over the top of the head and with an exhalation lower the upper body to the floor. Do not bend your back, breathe evenly. 20 seconds on the inhale return to your starting position.
Sit in the Lotus position. Right foot put on the left thigh and the left foot gently pull up and put on the right thigh. If the posture is performed first, it can cause discomfort and even pain. In this case, are in the Lotus a few seconds, and after exiting the postures stretch the muscles of the legs and joints. A daily workout will help to make the muscles more elastic and joints flexible, and the Lotus posture becomes habitual.