The procedure for amending the terms of the contract and supplements to it is most often stipulated in its text. Therefore, to begin to examine the points, revealing the subject in the main document. In any case, you will need a concluded contract, because it will be necessary to quote some of its provisions are in the Supplement.
Start execution of a document by specifying its name and a sequence number for "Supplement number". Put in the left corner the date of its making, and the right, specify the place (city or other locality). We will continue the introductory part with reference to the main contract, specifying its details (number, date and place of conclusion of the agreement). Cite details of the parties to the contract. Is the name of establishment, position and name of authorized persons, documents (attorney etc.), giving them grounds for action for the signing of the contract.
In the informative part of the document first paragraph of post "the Subject of additions to the contract". It describe all changes of the agreed conditions, or clarification on the substance of the agreement. In the next paragraph list the duties of the parties, taken by them as a result of proposed amendments to the performance. A separate paragraph will discuss the "other conditions" if it is necessary according to the results of the negotiations.
At the end of the document take place for signatures of the parties. Write what the organization is authorized to sign add-ons a person, his position, name and initials. Here leave room for the handwritten signature of the named persons and specifying the date of signing of the agreement.
Print the number of copies of additions, which corresponds to the number of parties to the main contract. Give each of the parties all the copies of the document for review and signature. After collecting all signatures to all parties to the agreement give their own instance of the Supplement.