You will need
  • - laboratory examination;
  • - consultation of experts;
  • - drug treatment.
Allergies can occur in anyone. And little children is no exception. Allergens are foods, and household chemicals, Pets, plants, home dust, medications. The list is extensive. Therefore, before to start something to heal, it is necessary to identify the cause. It all starts by contacting your pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child and will prescribe the necessary examinations. An essential research in Allergy are: CBC (here are interested in the number of eosinophils and white blood cells), urinalysis, fecal helminth eggs. Elevated levels of eosinophils with normal number of white blood cells indicates the presence of allergies. Now it is necessary to identify its source.
To resolve the source of the Allergy and cure the cough, it is necessary to determine exactly what triggers this process in the body. Now a lot of methods to determine antibodies to a particular allergen. Enough to donate blood from a vein. The cost analysis is rather big, but it is necessary to select the proper therapy. Do not forget that many helminths can also cause cough and allergies. So you need to be checked for the presence of antibodies to the parasites.
If you can identify the allergen, then you need to exclude. Plants and animals must be isolated. Foods excluded from the diet. It is also important to remember that allergens can replenish their ranks. Therefore, often try to ventilate the room, do wet cleaning at least twice a week. For sleep buy duvets and pillows with hypoallergenic materials.
The treatment consists of antihistamines ("Tavegil", "Suprastin", "Aerius", "Telfast" and many others). It is also necessary to carry out the desensitization of the body, for these purposes, use activated charcoal or calcium gluconate. Cough is treated with cough medicines. But can also be used decoctions of herbs (carefully, so as children it often causes allergies). They use the decoction mother and stepmother, plantain, or thyme. Pharmacies sell dry breast fees. Before use, consult your doctor.