Allergic dermatitis is manifested primarily on the face, with worsening of the disease covers the whole body. Find out which product is the reaction. Infants as the main get nutrition breast milk or formula. If the child is on breastfeeding, check your diet. Use the principles of hypoallergenic diet for your diet. Eliminate all the colored fruits and vegetables, preservatives, meats, spices, coffee and chocolate.
If the kid is on artificial feeding, adjust the milk mixture. There are a number of mixtures for babies prone to allergic reactions. With the introduction of complementary foods follow the recommendations of pediatricians. Use only those vegetables and fruits that grow in the area of spot color (red and yellow apples, citrus) exclude. With the introduction of meat products as foods use hypoallergenic varieties — meat Turkey and rabbit. Dairy products — curd and yogurt, do not buy in the shops, and get at the milk kitchen.
After exclusion of contact with allergens in the child's body need to speed up their elimination. Use sorbents which bind and neutralize foreign agents. Let your child activated charcoal, "Filtrum" or "Enterosgel" in the dosages indicated on the packaging of drugs.
To encourage the elimination of allergens and eliminate the itching in allergic dermatitis let your child antihistamines, better second or third generation — "Cethrin", "claritin", "Zyrtec" and "Xyzal" in the appropriate dosages. Drugs use once a day, duration of treatment at least 7 days.
Local areas of altered skin of the child process antiseptic solutions, this will help prevent the accession of infection. Use the solutions of brilliant green, fukortsin, and others. To reduce itching and moisturize the skin daily, use warm baths with decoctions of herbs of nettle, burdock root, tasyacelistnika. Do not use the chain, the Daisy and the celandine, the decoctions of these plants dried the skin. After the bath, apply baby lotion, especially on the area of skin folds.