Advice 1: How to install gas on WHA

Installation of gas equipment for cars VAZ allows you to improve technical performance in terms of efficiency and quality of work of the engine. The decision on installation of the equipment should be deliberate and prudent, for it will make adjustments in driving style and some changes in terms of operation of cars VAZ. In addition, in case of impossibility of mounting the cylinder on the external parts of the body setting the volume of the gas cylinder will reduce the useful volume of the Luggage compartment.
How to install gas on WHA
You will need
  • Gas tank, gas reducer, connecting pipes and hoses, of appropriate characteristics and diameters, gas valve with built-in dry filter, solenoid petrol valve, switch "gas-gasoline", mixer, external filling device, electronic control units feed gas mixture, solenoid injectors.
Start by selecting the shape and capacity of the gas cylinder. There are two types of shapes of cylinders: toroidal and cylindrical. Choose the container depending on the desired capacity and design features of a specific model of VAZ. For example, for "Field" can be installed cylindrical container with a capacity of 70 litres under the vehicle, attaching it to the floor of the Luggage compartment, helping to maintain the useful volume of the trunk. Toroidal tanks are the same shape wheel and installed in the spare wheel compartment of the car VAZ - this limits the volume of the container, but frees up space in the trunk.
Select gas equipment corresponding to the type of engine of your car. It is divided into four "generations" according to the type of education and feeding the gas mixture. First-generation equipment designed for operation in the carburetor and simple injection engine model.
The second is designed for installation on fuel injected engines VAZ with the catalytic Converter exhaust gases. Third generation equipment is composed of electronic control unit simultaneous injection of a mixture with dispenser-dispenser, and the fourth is equipped with more advanced electronic control unit solenoid valve injectors.
Connect the built-in cylinder multivalve gas valve in the engine compartment brass tubing. Gas valve connect the pipe to the reducer-evaporator, and connect the flexible hoses to the mixer mounted in the middle part of the carb.
Install the switch within easy reach to the controls of the vehicle and readily accessible to the driver. Install a petrol solenoid valve to the rupture of the fuel pipe before the carburetor.
To install gas equipment of the third and fourth generations refer to the experts - it requires additional components and software that are difficult to install and configure without special skills.
The main rules for the installation of the container – protection from outdoor sunlight, mechanical damage and a sufficient distance from the system exhaust. The gas cylinder must have a stamp containing the date of his examination. Remote filling device, depending on the location of the balloon is attached either to the rear bumper or directly to the cylinder or under the hatch filler neck of the fuel tank.

Advice 2: How to install heater antifreeze VAZ

Pre - heater antifreeze – an indispensable device to facilitate engine starting in the most severe frosts. For cars VAZ this is especially true since they "don't like" to start in the winter. Installation of the antifreeze heater is a good solution to this problem, is feasible on its own.
How to install heater antifreeze VAZ
You will need
  • - pre-heater;
  • - coolant (antifreeze);
  • - capacity for gathering of antifreeze;
  • - import the clip;
  • - reinforced hoses of the cooling system.
Disconnect all the wires from the battery terminals. Drain the coolant in in advance prepared capacity. Subsequently, gaining experience in installation of similar systems, you can mount the heaters without draining the antifreeze.
Remove the plug with the dispensing fitting of the fuel pump and install on it the fuel hose from the kit to the heater. To avoid air pockets, all connections of fuel pipes need butt.
Mounting set bolt front suspension support of the engine. To do this, loosen the nut on the bolt, install the mounting bracket of the heater and secure it with the regular nut. To the bracket attach the heater unit. Tighten nut to a torque of 42-52 Nm.
To connect the heater to the cooling system remove the surge tank cap. Close the heater valve (turn it to the left). Disconnect the inlet hose of the stove from fitting the engine and connect it with an outlet of the heater. The connection clamp.
The inlet of the heater connect with the inlet of the coolant pump. Connection clamp. Hose lay along the right mudguard of the front wing and the bulkhead.
The power to the heater on the car VAZ with a fuel-injected engine move from the drain pipe. To do this, Unscrew the drain hose, attach it fitting with a gasket, fitting – filter. Filter and fuel pipe connect the heater hose. Secure all connections with clamps.
Connect power supply to carburetor engine VAZ run to the inlet fitting of the fuel pump, using an algorithm similar to that described.
On the exhaust fitting of the heater slip pipe exhaust. The connection and secure with clamp. The pipe itself point in the direction opposite to the movement of the vehicle and secure it by bolting on the mounting bracket to cylinder block.
Similarly install the heater pipe air intake. When installing it make sure the tip of this pipe stood as high as possible, but not interfere with the free closing of the hood.
The remote control device, install on the dashboard or any other convenient location. Secure it with screws or with screws. Route the leads from the control panel to the heater through holes in the bulkhead. Contacts insert the wires into the socket pads on the heater.
Connect the power supply of the heater to terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4 pads ХЅ4 according to the wiring diagram of the car VAZ. Every time carrying out work on the connection / disconnection of the remote control, disconnect the power supply to the heater.
Pour antifreeze in the cooling system. Connect the wires to the battery terminals. The heater valve open by turning it as far right as possible. Start the engine and check all the installed hoses for leaks. After stopping the motor, fill the cooling system antifreeze to the desired level.
While installing heater antifreeze remember safety when working with toxic (antifreeze) and combustible (diesel) substances. All hoses and piping route so that they did not have kinks.
Useful advice
When installing the heater, it is recommended to use branded clamps imported. Regular hoses for the coolant, replace imported reinforced.
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