You will need
  • stove;
  • - wire;
  • - the timer;
  • - resistors;
  • LEDs;
  • tools.
To redo the stove to ZAZ GAZ, carefully review the features of the heaters.
Structurally, the ZAZ stove consists of two concentric cylindrical chambers forms: internal (here burns energy) and external camera (it moves the hot air that enters the passenger compartment, and in two directions onto the windshield in front of the cabin). The heater ZAZ provides for the presence of the butterfly valve. This control allows you to switch modes of supply of warm air "mode from the salon" provides uniform heating of salon mode "from the street" promotes optimal warm air, preventing it from overheating.
Installed on the car GAS stoves differ a satisfactory job, although there are drawbacks, for example, such heaters are too loud and don't provide air cooling of the glass left driver side, which it's heavily misted and it has to be dry. The presence of such faults have a stoves GAS encourages car owners to make improvements to these heaters.
So, knowing the characteristics of the heaters of cars and GAS, it's time to start the practical part of the upgrading of the stove. For starters, change the wire size in the circuit of the candle (the actual value of this indicator 1-1.5 sq mm, recommended – 3 sq mm).
To facilitate the heater control ZAZ set the timer, which would include the supply of gasoline after a certain time after switching on the stove. Adjust the heat output of the heater. You can do this by installing a solenoid valve governing the supply of gasoline.
Set the regulatory element will be a variable resistor R4, which is placed on the dashboard. Signaling to the coordinated work of the mechanism, the led will set to any accessible location, but preferably somewhere where you will not distract the constant blinking.
Run the installation of the improved stove ZAZ in GAS.