Advice 1: How to get yourself to sleep

There are happy people, which is enough to switch off the light, lay on his side, and that they already see beautiful dreams. Maybe you too were once such a person? Now the night tossing and turning from side to side in a vain attempt to sleep, but sleep comes to you only a few hours before the alarm. It's time to regain a healthy sleep.
How to get yourself to sleep
Pay attention to your dinner. Don't go to bed hungry but do not overeat. There are a number of foods that help you sleep. Drink a glass of milk with oatmeal cookies, eat a banana, brew some chamomile tea and add it to a green Apple. Scientists have found that all these foods contain tryptophan, a substance contributing to the development of melatonin, the "sleep hormone".
Stress, depression, increased anxiety is not conducive to healthy sleep. Learn how to deal with them. Try yoga, hypnosis, meditation. Just relax. If you can not manage yourself, contact your therapist. All these disorders destroy your body. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
Take before bedtime a warm bath with aromatic salt or oil. This is a very simple and effective method of relaxation. Melissa, chamomile, lavender, marjoram can come to your aid not only in the bathroom. Pour these oils in the aroma lamp or massage with them. Just drip one or two drops on the pillow.
In the room where you sleep should be comfortable temperature. Better to be a little cool than hot. The doctors claim that the ideal temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, but if you personally when the temperature is cold, it is better to listen to your body, not scientists.
Do not expect to sleep in bright light. Even if you succeed you will hardly normal sleep. If you can not eliminate the light source, put on the special glasses to sleep.
Sleep on clean linen, make bed in the morning. Much easier to sleep on fresh sheets and smooth than shot down in a ball.
Listen to soothing music. There is a large selection of songs to sleep sounds of rain, wind, waves, the noise of the forest, lullaby.
Read the poems. This will help you to distract from thoughts that prevent you to sleep.
If you can not sleep, try to read or watch a movie. But do not select a new book or movie, but something you must know very well what you like and does not cause violent emotions.
If you can't sleep for more than one week, it is possible that you have a sleep disorder. Consult a doctor, to cope with this disease impossible.

Advice 2 : How to make yourself go to bed early and fall asleep quickly

Not everyone can afford to sleep longer in the morning – duties and daily activities require a lot to climb before dark. But if it still go to bed after midnight, time to sleep. This is one way to train yourself to go to bed early.
How to make yourself go to bed early and fall asleep quickly
But to go to bed at strange hours – half the battle. The main sleep, and it is not always. However, to train yourself to fall asleep earlier possible.

The strategy of falling asleep

Of course, you know how much it usually sent to bed. For example, this occurs at 2am. If you set a goal to train ourselves to lie down in 22 hours in one day is unlikely to succeed. Try to gradually shift the time of going to sleep every day at least 15 – 20 minutes. So after about a week, you're going to go at the scheduled time.

Great help to set the mood for bedtime rituals that are comfortable and enjoyable for you. At least 30 minutes before bedtime make sure to devote consistent actions that over time will become familiar and will serve to the body a signal that begins the night time. Do not rush, performing their ritual, let it brings you pleasure, calms, relaxes.

Learn how to banish those pesky thoughts, and especially don't let worries and anxieties to take over your consciousness in the moment when you are about to sleep. You can think of something neutral-pleasant, and you can try to do to get rid of the thoughts. At the moment when the next idea comes into your head, do not try with an effort of will to banish it, just try to observe it like a fish in the aquarium. Most likely, after some time, she "move away."

The little things that help to fall asleep

Comfortable bed, good sleep. If you are uncomfortable to lie down, sleep will be problematic.

A quiet walk before going to bed is a good alternative to watching TV or socializing in social networks. Fresh air and a little exercise will help you relax. And that's Jogging, playing sports and other intense physical activity before bedtime is undesirable. The body will be difficult to transition from active work to leisure.

Not to eat 2 hours before sleep is useful not only for shapes but also for good sleep. To sleep with a full stomach hard.

If you want to drink, prefer milk with honey, tea of chamomile or plain water. Drinks containing caffeine (which, as we know, is present not only in coffee but also in tea), will cheer you up, and it's not what you need before bedtime. Alcohol is also undesirable.

Proven to sleep better in a cool room. Heat and humidity – bad allies healthy sleep, moreover, it is believed that at lower temperatures the organism ages more slowly.

Darkness and silence also have a beneficial effect on the process of falling asleep. Give the opportunity to relax your senses. In addition, in the dark produced an extremely useful substance melatonin.
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