Pay attention to your dinner. Don't go to bed hungry but do not overeat. There are a number of foods that help you sleep. Drink a glass of milk with oatmeal cookies, eat a banana, brew some chamomile tea and add it to a green Apple. Scientists have found that all these foods contain tryptophan, a substance contributing to the development of melatonin, the "sleep hormone".
Stress, depression, increased anxiety is not conducive to healthy sleep. Learn how to deal with them. Try yoga, hypnosis, meditation. Just relax. If you can not manage yourself, contact your therapist. All these disorders destroy your body. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
Take before bedtime a warm bath with aromatic salt or oil. This is a very simple and effective method of relaxation. Melissa, chamomile, lavender, marjoram can come to your aid not only in the bathroom. Pour these oils in the aroma lamp or massage with them. Just drip one or two drops on the pillow.
In the room where you sleep should be comfortable temperature. Better to be a little cool than hot. The doctors claim that the ideal temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, but if you personally when the temperature is cold, it is better to listen to your body, not scientists.
Do not expect to sleep in bright light. Even if you succeed you will hardly normal sleep. If you can not eliminate the light source, put on the special glasses to sleep.
Sleep on clean linen, make bed in the morning. Much easier to sleep on fresh sheets and smooth than shot down in a ball.
Listen to soothing music. There is a large selection of songs to sleep sounds of rain, wind, waves, the noise of the forest, lullaby.
Read the poems. This will help you to distract from thoughts that prevent you to sleep.
If you can not sleep, try to read or watch a movie. But do not select a new book or movie, but something you must know very well what you like and does not cause violent emotions.