Rent a garage, or use an existing one. Please note that the garage must meet certain requirements - accessibility, availability of electricity and security. Because the client needs you to somehow get, without electricity you will not have even lighting, and no security will take away the equipment and put on automotive repair.
Sign in to your relevant instances. Although you probably heard that a garazhniki working illegally, we do not recommend this. First, you run the risk of being fined for illegal business. Secondly, opening a legitimate business, you can advertise to attract new clients. Thirdly, register the IP now very easy, quickly and inexpensive, taxes are quite feasible.
Purchase the equipment you need. As in care perform different types of work require different tools. For example, for mounting a tire requires special equipment.
Type in the desired staff. It will be good if you can find a job in special education. But of course, you can type and students - with their subsequent training. It is important, what kinds of work performed will be in your service, as well as their degree of difficulty and danger.
Start an interesting ad. Since different cars a large number, you have to present yourself well so you can get enough for profitable business, the number of visitors. You can run special discounts for the first time, in order to attract more customers.Don't forget when organizing a car serviceand that the work is largely seasonal. Customers will, of course, all year round, but their number will depend on the time of year. So try to arrange things so that high performance was exactly in the right season.