You will need
  • 1. A plot of land in place that satisfy the requirements for private garages.
  • 2. The project of the premises of the service station, which provides connection to utilities.
  • 3. The package permits (including fire and health passport).
  • 4. Set of equipment for a service station that corresponds to your chosen type of work.
Rate the place where your plans will operate the car wash. Make it much more versatile, considering all requirements for such institutions. The station maintenance cars, in accordance with the rules, may not be located near residential homes and institutions – it should be at a distance of about 50 meters from them. But that's not all – equipment must be connected to all utilities, with particular attention to water supply and sewage system), but not on any plot of land, you can easily achieve this result.
Create a project space under the car, using the services of appropriate specialists. Then check it at the local office of urban planning and architecture, before to proceed with the erection of the building. To take the path of least resistance would be to contact the company performing the construction and equipment of the service "turnkey", but it means not everyone is a budding entrepreneur.
Take care about several approval procedures, when the "box" of the future workshop is ready. First of all, you should obtain fire and sanitary passport of the object. In the operation room under the car will be handed over only if the local environmental services will give a conclusion, which implies that your institution will not be applied to the environment too much harm.
Think now about the details of service station of cars, such as the coating of the floor surface (it must be solid and durable – for secure attachment of ski lifts), wall in oil pits (always tiled). Equip bathroom and install lockers for storing work clothes. All of these items are particularly specified in the list of requirements to the device private car service, neglecting any of them can cause serious problems during future inspections. The final stage of equipping service stations will be the purchase and installation of equipment, after that your car to work is almost ready.