There are many techniques using which you can significantly increase your chances of winning in this game. Need from the start to make maximum efforts to your pieces was more than the enemy. To do this, concentrate on how to pick an opponent more pieces, or force him to give up checkers.
Build your strategy so that one or several figures could quickly become a king. As you know, the kings can move to an unlimited number of cells diagonally, so even one such figure will significantly tip the scales of victory in your favor. In addition, such a figure would restrict the movement of opponent's pieces in certain directions.
During the game, place your checkers closer to the center of the field, because the edge of the Board they can beat in only one direction that narrows the possible application of it. Rest pieces must be carefully, to Central were under the protection of other figures who are closer to your top plank.
When your opponent makes some move - he probably tries to perform some kind of a tactical idea, so after each stroke, try to predict what is going to take your opponent - and, if possible, destroy his plans for the stage of implementation. If the opponent makes the moves, opening one of his sticks for combat - rather, it's a tricky maneuver, unless you stop that, you will lose much more.
Think over your every move, and better if your plans are to extend at least two-three moves ahead. In addition, you always have to be psychologically tuned to win and not to give his opponent the slightest chance.