You will need
  • driver licence, employment history, documentation
Take a look at the level of training of the driver. What are the categories he admitted to driving the vehicle? The more Mature modes of transport, the higher can be the class. In particular, the third class can apply those drivers who have been trained and got my license on one of the categories: "b", "C" or "D". That is, as a rule, the third class is assigned to all driverswho have experience driving cars, trucks or buses.
Specify additional categories for which the person was trained. The driver of the second class must have the certificate authorizing the mark "C" and "b", "C" and "D" or "D" ("D", "E"). To qualify for the title of driver of the first class, you need to be able to cope with any vehicle: cars, trucks, including trailers, and buses.
Check the experience at the place of work. The existing standards 2nd grade can be assigned after being in for 3 years as a driver at the basic level. The following discharge is only possible with continuous biennial experience with the same proficiency. As a rule, we are not talking about the whole experience of man and life on this enterprise. Bonuses, the relevant classes are the "anchors" that bind the employee to an existing place.
Monitor the implementation of labor discipline. Among the standard requirements for the assignment of a particular skill - plans, schedules and transportation schedules. Taking into account the lack of excessive fuel consumption above the established standards. Of course, cannot assign high grades if there were violations of traffic rules resulting in an accident.
Prepare the documents of the company establishing the rules of the award classes. Every employer must adopt their own local acts regulating this sphere. This is usually the position of assigning a class rating and, therefore, of calculating allowances. Should be by the qualifying Commission and provided the conditions for its operation.