Check out the latest edition of the Regulations and requirements for classification of enterprises depending on the harmfulness of production.
Rate the level of harm production using the hazard ratio of all components. It is calculated by gross weight of emissions of different substances based on the value of their average daily maximum permissible concentration. Take as the baseline the coefficient of the component, which has the highest value.
Select the hazard class of the enterprise (of the five) according to this value. Define the width of sanitary protection zone, on the border which will not be exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of substances with the highest hazard ratio. For example, if you find out that the class of the enterprisefor which the calculation is performed fifth, the width of this zone should not be less than 50 meters.
Precise calculations, taking into account the following indicators:- emissions of each component;- average daily maximum permissible concentration of each component;- an indicator of danger (OP), taking into account the volume of emission, and the degree of toxicity of each component.
Please note: the higher the total volume of emissions and the toxicity of the substances, the more dangerous is the production, and he can be assigned to a class that has tighter restrictions. These restrictions usually concern the location of businesses in residential and natural areas, scheduling of employees, order of payments for harm in the workplace. For small errors in the initial calculations can only be increased the radius of the sanitary protection zone and the class of the enterprise remain the same.
Preoborudvat if necessary, the enterprise, if the performance risk is too high for your area. Consider the conversion of all regulations prescribed by SanPiN.