Methods of treatment of the disease is extremely diverse. They depend on the size, shape, location of the tumor, intensity of growth, and physical condition and age of the child. One of the methods – sclerosing therapy. Usually, it is performed in small tumors, and represents the impact on the walls hemangiomas of various drugs: trichloroacetic acid with 2%-th solution of lidocaine in the ratio of 5:1, alcohol, prednisone, or calcium chloride. At the end of the procedure, the skin scarring. The tumor eventually disappears.
Often for the treatment of hemangiomas on the face and rapidly growing entities used hormone therapy. The drugs are selected individually for each baby.
To eliminate cavernous tumors is often used 70% alcohol solution. It can be entered in two ways. In the first case, the hemangioma is isolated from the surrounding tissue by means of a clamp Yaroshenko and the syringe sucked the blood out of it. In it flows the same amount of alcohol. Then aspirate from the cavity, and impose tight bandage.
The second method involves a flushing of the tumor. First, it is isolated by the tongue depressor, clip, cut or sew silk by Krogius. Then in the center do 10-15 of the perforations and injected into her alcohol. The latter, together with the blood flows through the punctures. Then it is treated with isotonic solution of sodium chloride and a tight bandage.
Radical means complete or partial removal of hemangiomas is considered surgery. It can complete sclerotherapy therapy, but is often an independent method. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia, in the shortest time and only an experienced surgeon.
In young children with large, fast-growing tumors when it is impossible to conduct at the moment of the operation, used method of radiotherapy. Usually when correctly selected mode of radiation (dosages and number of sessions) tumor growth is markedly inhibited, and its size stabiliziruemost. After 6-8 months it can be removed surgically.
For the treatment of capillary hemangiomas, especially the so-called "wine stains", is used a method of selective photothermolysis. It is their laser evaporation. This procedure is non-invasive and painless, but requires expensive equipment and mnogomernogo treatment.
Often, removal of hemangiomas used methods of microwave hyperthermia and microwave cryogenic therapy. During such activities, on vascular tumors, influence of microwave electromagnetic fields in different modes. In the first case the tumor is warming them to a temperature of 43-45 ° C, the second after its irradiation is performed cryosurgery.