Simple (capillary) hemangioma - the formation of red or blue-purple color, clearly limited, is located on the surface of the skin, the growth is predominantly directed laterally. Cavernous hemangiomas consist of multiple subcutaneous cavities filled with blood, have bluish tint. The combined hemangioma has subcutaneous and cutaneous part and combines the features of capillary and cavernous tumors. Mixed hemangioma can consist of various tissues involved.
It is established that the most exposed to the occurrence of hemangiomas girls, about 2.5 times they have the disease occurs more often in boys.
For a hemangioma is not predictable. Education can in a very short time to grow and swell and heal itself is to stop growth, sometimes completely disappear.
The tumor can occur in the internal organs, mainly the liver, bones, muscle tissue. The disease is asymptomatic, therefore, find it by accident, during the examination of other organs.
Because hemangiomas are benign in nature, they are mostly safe. But only if once and for all stopped the growth, and do not exceed a size of 5 cm. This necessarily annual observation of the surgeon-oncologist.
The hemangioma usually cause anxiety when located in prominent areas of the body such as on the face. If the hemangioma is growing constantly, even while in the body, it can cause serious physiological disorders. Expanding on the liver, the tumor leads to the growth of the abdomen. The danger is that trauma she can burst and starts bleeding.
Surgical treatment of hemangiomas is indicated only when other methods have failed, as well as deep, simple and cavernous hemangiomas. The formation is removed entirely, without affecting healthy tissue. A positive result during the operation is achieved in 90% of cases. Complications practically does not happen.

Hemangiomas with complex location - in the eyes, on the genitals, as well as simple education of large size are irradiated. The duration of treatment in this case is from 2 to 6 months.

Hemangiomas of the small size, spot hemangioma treated with moxibustion (diatermokoagulyatsii). Sometimes, after the procedure, the skin are observed cosmetic flaws.

Sclerosing treatment is used in the presence of deep cavernous and combined hemangiomas forms of complex arrangement. In the cavity formations filled with blood is injected with 70% alcohol. In the case of combined hemangiomas initially applied cryogenic treatment to destroy the superficial part of the tumor, and then hardening. The advantage of this method is simplicity, the disadvantages - the pain and long period of treatment.

In addition, in the treatment of extensive hemangiomas often use hormone therapy. The drug prednisone in pill form children take the course of 28 days. If necessary, after 2 months, repeat the treatment.

In simple hemangiomas, the most appropriate use of the method of cryogenic (low temperature impact). As the refrigerant used liquid nitrogen. Painless, no bleeding, quick procedure - the advantages of this method.
It should not be in the treatment of this disease is to use folk remedies. Here they are powerless.