Advice 1: How to pull a hanging mole

Hanging moles appear for a variety of reasons: long-term exposure to the sun, in human papillomavirus infection, and when abnormalities in the internal organs. Remove them by using modern and traditional medicine. But all your actions should be agreed with your doctor.
How to pull a hanging mole
Make an appointment with the oncologist. After visual inspection, sampling and biopsy (not always) you will choose the best option of removal of moles. Histological examination is carried out only if there is a suspicion of degeneration of cells.
Talk to your doctor about the possibility of removing hanging moles with the help of alternative medicine. If there are no contraindications, you can safely proceed to the procedures.
Buy juice of celandine, or use fresh raw materials. Usually this plant grows in gardens or in the woods. Daily treat hanging moles of fresh juice. They gradually begin to shrink in size. Celandine is toxic, therefore observe elementary precautions and keep the juice out of reach of children.
Squeeze the juice from the garlic. Store it in the refrigerator so that it remained fresh. Wipe the tumors twice a day until their complete disappearance. It usually takes about 14 days.
Wipe the moles several times a day with the juice of a dandelion. If you are not in season, use fresh onions. Cut it into two halves and attach them to the tumors for a few minutes. It is worth noting that the process of getting rid of moles this method will take a long time.
Grind a raw potato. The resulting slurry was put on the cellophane. Attach to the hanging mole and secure with adhesive tape. Remove the bandage after 12 hours. Usually enough for 6-8 treatments to completely get rid of skin tumors.
Dilute acetic acid to 10-12%. Wipe the mole 2 times a day. Gradually they will begin to dry and fall. Do not use undiluted vinegar, otherwise it will appear skin burns.
Remember that not always the people's medicine helps to get rid of health problems. If the doctor insists on burning out birthmarks, then settle. The problem is not in appearance, and the risk of degeneration of normal hanging mole in cancerous growths.

Advice 2: How to withdraw horseradish from the garden

Horseradish is one of the most popular crops and it is cultivated in the garden almost every summer resident. This plant is pretty undemanding and frost-resistant, which gives it good survivability. However, hell has a remarkable ability to fill the entire area. This usually happens if when harvesting the roots in the ground are small appendages and parts of the rhizome. If your garden every year clogged with new bushes hell, you need to take immediate steps to eliminate it.
How to withdraw horseradish from the garden
You will need
  • forks;
  • - ruberoid;
  • black plastic bags;
  • - herbicides;
  • - a long needle;
  • - the pruner;
  • potash or salt;
  • seeds of perennials.
You can do this by removing its roots from the earth. However, do not use for digging portion of the shovel because of its sharp edge will crush the rhizome, and the plant will appear again. For thorough cleaning of garden , take a pitchfork for digging. Stick them in the location of the roots of horseradish and pull the shrub from the soil. Carry out this procedure in the spring, when the leaves of horseradish, and the land is quite wet and loose. To do the digging you need to regularly as how to get the new sprouts. This method is aimed at the gradual depletion of the rhizomes of horseradish and subsequent death.
A fairly reliable method of dealing with the hell is the light isolation characteristics of the young shoots of the plant. For this early spring cover tight areas, filled with horseradish, opaque material. You can use roofing felt or large plastic bags black. Deprived of solar energy hell die pretty quickly. The bulk of the bushes will disappear within one flying season.
Controlling unwanted vegetation using chemicals. Cut shears horseradish leaves and long, sharp needle to make it root deep hole. Fill the space inside the roots with a concentrated solution of the herbicide (e.g., roundup) which destroys the plant. No less effective means in deriving the fuck are ammonium nitrate, potash and salt. Apply 10-15 grams of the substance on the clipped part of hell, and the Bush starts to die.
If the release from the hell you need a very large area of perennial sow it with grass (perfect clover or Lucerne). This will create a good shading, which does not tolerate hell. Most of the shoots will disappear on their own, sprouted same bushes remove manually using forks.

Advice 3: What do moles on the palm

Moles on palms is rare. Moles on different parts of the body can appear and disappear throughout a person's life, but that formed on the palms of nevi (moles), some palmists consider a sign.
What do moles on the palm

What does the color of a mole on the palm

Moles (nevi) may have a different hue. If you believe the specialists of palmistry, the meaning of moles depends largely on its shade.

If the nevus is red, then that education carries a very negative nature, according to the palmists, the color red portends disaster and serious problems in his personal life.

The light color of moles has a positive value and warns about such a joyful event in the near future, like a wedding, profit, promotion or birth of a child.

The black color of the nevus - a very good sign. Black mole, especially if it is located close to the center of the palm indicates the financial well-being.

The yellow color of a mole indicates problems with the circulatory system.

Location of moles on the palm

Palmists determine the value of moles by the fact, on what part of palms it is located:
the mole is located on the line of the head warns about the likelihood of a head injury in the near future;
- the location of the nevus on the life line indicates that you should pay more attention to the state of his health;
located on the line of Venus can indicate problems with the urinary system and the reproductive disorders;
- a mole on the heart line indicates a problem with the vessels, also a nevus on this line may be the prelude to a disappointment in love;
- the presence of moles on the line of the Sun is evidence of small failures, the rumors and gossip of others;
nevi on the line of fate portends loneliness;
located on the line of Mars suggests that you should be more decisive and active;
- the presence of a nevus on the line of intuition, as well as the line of mercury, it foretells success in Affairs.

Moles on the left and right hand

Great value palmists give that kind of palm are moles. For example, if the mole is located on his left hand, it may indicate the presence of hereditary diseases. However, there are positive moments in the presence of a nevus on the left hand, because palmists believe that the owner of such moles have all chances to meet a happy love.

The presence of moles on the right hand says that their owner is the bearer of powerful positive energy. Usually, such people luck in business.

In any case, if moles change color or begin to increase in size, should immediately consult a doctor. In any case it is not necessary to remove moles, as this can lead to irreversible severe consequences.
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