Make an appointment with the oncologist. After visual inspection, sampling and biopsy (not always) you will choose the best option of removal of moles. Histological examination is carried out only if there is a suspicion of degeneration of cells.
Talk to your doctor about the possibility of removing hanging moles with the help of alternative medicine. If there are no contraindications, you can safely proceed to the procedures.
Buy juice of celandine, or use fresh raw materials. Usually this plant grows in gardens or in the woods. Daily treat hanging moles of fresh juice. They gradually begin to shrink in size. Celandine is toxic, therefore observe elementary precautions and keep the juice out of reach of children.
Squeeze the juice from the garlic. Store it in the refrigerator so that it remained fresh. Wipe the tumors twice a day until their complete disappearance. It usually takes about 14 days.
Wipe the moles several times a day with the juice of a dandelion. If you are not in season, use fresh onions. Cut it into two halves and attach them to the tumors for a few minutes. It is worth noting that the process of getting rid of moles this method will take a long time.
Grind a raw potato. The resulting slurry was put on the cellophane. Attach to the hanging mole and secure with adhesive tape. Remove the bandage after 12 hours. Usually enough for 6-8 treatments to completely get rid of skin tumors.
Dilute acetic acid to 10-12%. Wipe the mole 2 times a day. Gradually they will begin to dry and fall. Do not use undiluted vinegar, otherwise it will appear skin burns.