If you need to write a "paper" letter, that it reached the addressee, it is necessary to consider the rules of writing address in English. This is especially true of business writing, where time is what counts, and once a month spent in search of the recipient's local post office, can bring significant financial damage to both parties.
To correctly write the address, you must have some knowledge of English. To begin with, remember that the letter is in English called the letter, country - country, address - address, recipient - addressee, the sender – sender, city – town or city, depending on its size, state – state, province – province, street, street, structure or building, the building / apartment (depending on whether in England or write to the Americas) – apartment or flat.
Of particular importance in international mail plays the index. Post office in America or England will definitely pay attention to how it is filled (it's called "ZIP Code"). For example, the Royal mail of England requires that the index and the name of the city was written exclusively in capital letters, otherwise your letter will be send back to you. Be careful: in some countries, the index contains not only numbers but also letters.
The order of writing ' in the English language unusual for residents of Russia. First is written the full name of the recipient, then the house number, street name (in the end credited with the abbreviation "St."), then the apartment number (example fl.45), then the name of city, region or state and then country name. Caution: if you mix up the location of the web address house number and the apartment number, the letter to the addressee will not come.