You will need
  • soldering iron, solder, flux, diethyl ether, copper chips, copper sulphate, copper wire, electric battery.
Before soldering the surface of the parts to be joint, abrade with a file, sandpaper, degrease with gasoline or other organic solvent. Check and prepare the soldering iron. Well and properly pre-heated soldering iron, immersed in the powder of Sal ammoniac, or rosin, gives a light smoke.
For brazing of aluminum use a soldering iron with a capacity of at least 100 watts and the solder, which is composed of 80% tin, 20% zinc, or 95% tin and 5% of bismuth). Use flux from stearin or paraffin. When choosing a soldering iron keep in mind that they can be the most simple, requiring heating in an open flame, and electrical, including for spot brazing (with the regulation of the heat output).
Under normal conditions aluminium difficult soldering, since its surface is formed immediately after cleaning the oxide film. For this reason, after Stripping the soldered surfaces of the connection on aluminium or its alloy immediately pour the molten rosin.
Dial on the soldering iron solder and move on is protected by the rosin surface of the future connection. Zheludev similarly, the aluminum, you will facilitate soldering. To the tinned surface of aluminium can easily be soldered to, say, copper wire.
The second method of soldering aluminum: abrade the surface of the metal, lubricate it with a solution of rosin in diethyl ether. Then sprinkle the aluminum with copper filings and saladita the soldering ordinary solder made of tin.
Use the electrochemical method for soldering aluminum. Sand the area of the junction and apply a few drops of concentrated solution of copper sulfate. After the detail connect to the negative pole of the battery and to the positive pole, connect a piece of bare copper wire, which enter into the drop of solution sulfate. The end of the wire must touch the aluminium surface. After some time on the site of the future soldering settle a uniform layer of copper, which can now be the normal way to solder almost any metal.