As a rule, in order to make a hole in the layer of stainless steel, you must use special grease. In most cases, as this special material is used some sulphur with the addition of engine oil. In order to find the right kind of sulphur for the manufacture of a lubricant for drilling, please contact specialty stores. These stores buy sulfur under such names as "flowers of sulfur", "sulfur for fumigation or also this form of sulfur may be called "colloidal sulphur". If you have purchased these types of sulphur as "sulfur color" or "colloidal sulphur", can use them without preparation, that is, in the form in which you bought it. If you have purchased sulphur for fumigation", before adding it to engine oil, be sure to finely grind it.
If you want to cook the grease, which will operate much more efficiently than grease of sulfur and machine oil, try to mix sulfur not oil, and fatty acids. To get these same fatty acids, take soap lowest grade, grind it as much as possible, and then dissolve in the water. The water should be hot. The solution was pour a large amount of hydrochloric acid, use of technical hydrochloric acid. The reaction components of all the fatty acids float to the surface of the vessel. Then pour into the container of a large quantity of cold water. This will give the fatty acids to solidify, and after that you'll be able to collect them from the surface. Repeat the wash procedure of fatty acids up to 5 times. First in hot water, then add cold, separate, and so on.
Once you have cleared enough fatty acids, mix them with sulfur. Follow the ratio of 6:1. After lubricant for drilling stainless steel finish, you can try to use it. During drilling directly remember not to let the drill bit overheat. Pause, allowing the drill to cool. Otherwise, grease will not assistant, but on the contrary, will hinder the work.