You will need
  • - salt
  • white soap
  • - washing powder
  • - ammonia
  • - sawdust
  • - gasoline
  • - vinegar
  • - potato skins
Turn the carpet to the dry cleaners. It will cost you more than to try to remove stains yourself, but the result is guaranteed – industrial chemicals perfectly cope with any contamination. Although sometimes you may receive a weak tone across the surface of the carpet.
Collect the carpet and take it outside, lay in the snow. Notice the broom the snow on the surface of the carpet and a little tread it. If the carpet is very dirty, tap it in with a special cracker, embossing dust. Then flip the rug and lay on a clean snow – repeat manipulation prisypannom and extortion. Carefully mimetite carpet and bring home.
Pour carpet small table salt. Then take a regular brush, moisten it with water and RUB the carpet, rubbing salt. Mimetite salt and, if necessary, treat the cover the same way again.
Heavy soiling you can try to remove with soap and water. Dissolve in a liter of warm water, a half spoon of washing powder or grated white soap. Apply the solution on the shag part of the rug, wait for a while, then wipe a cloth wet and dry rags.
Dissolve in a liter of water two tablespoons of ammonia and treat the places of heavy pollution. Then RUB the place with a damp cloth to remove dirty water. In the end, treat the carpet with a soft, dry cloth.
Soak the sawdust in a solution of soapy water, add a little gasoline. Scatter sawdust on the carpet, distributing the weight of the broom. After half an hour, sweep up the sawdust.
If the stain is fresh, remove it immediately – press down to the carpet hygroscopic sponge or a piece of dry cloth. Then treat the stain with a brush dipped in soapy water, and wait for it to dry. If traces remain, then pour it over the spot with vinegar and after a while again wash detergent. Well removed fresh spots, if you RUB them with a cloth soaked in cold water – repeat several times until the stain is gone.
Wash the potato peel, chop it and sprinkle on carpet. Heavily contaminated sites RUB the potato mixture, grated – leave the squad for a few hours, then rinse the carpet cleaner.