You will need
  • - "Vanish" - shampoo for manual cleaning of carpets,
  • brush,
  • sponge
  • - water,
  • hip,
  • vacuum cleaner.
Before you start cleaning the carpet by using "Vanish" thoroughly vacuum the carpet. It would be better if you beat him on the street. If you do not vacuum the carpet before cleaning, later on it stains can appear because of dust.
Mix one part "Vanish" for carpets with nine parts of water. That is, 10 ml of shampoo, you need to take 90 ml of water. Can use to measure the amount of the cap from the bottle of "Vanish", then one cap of shampoo you need to take nine caps of water. The water should be warm but not hot – about 40 degrees Celsius. Shake the resulting solution into the foam, to clean the carpet used is foam, so you need to stir the solution as carefully as possible.
Take a large sponge or brush and apply foam over the entire surface of the carpet or on the place that you plan to clear – if you need to clean not the whole carpet. Foam should be applied evenly, but it does not need too much to moisten the carpet. Too strong moisture may cause shrinking of the carpet or the appearance of stains on it.
After all the surface is covered with foam, proceed with the carpet cleaning. It is convenient to do this using the same sponge or brush you used for applying the foam. RUB the foam in circular motions, paying special attention to the most polluted zones. If the carpet has stubborn stains for a few minutes before cleaning splash on a bit of money from the cap and leave, as stains are easier to clean.
When the whole carpet is cleaned, leave it to dry. If the carpet was moistened, it will dry in about 2-3 hours, but it is better to leave it to dry longer, e.g. overnight. During this period do not walk on the carpet and are not in this room. Carefully ventilate the room until the carpet is dry.
Vacuum clean the carpet. This is necessary in order to remove the dried left overs.