Salt or snow

To refresh synthetic floor covering in the winter with regular snow. To do this, put his pile on the snow and carefully emboss. To carry out such a procedure in the offseason, use table salt: sprinkle it on the contaminated areas in your carpet and leave for a couple of hours. Once time runs out, sweep the Palace broom, pre-soaked in warm water with a small amount of powder, then vacuum.


Tea brew will effectively refresh the color of dark synthetic carpets. Take the remaining tea leaves from the pot, wring it out and scatter on the surface of the Palace. After half an hour carefully sweep. All product is clean again.


This method is only suitable for light flat-woven carpets of synthetic materials. Soak sawdust in soapy water and treat them at the hotel. Wood substance quickly absorbs dirt, you will only have sweep up the sawdust (about an hour after applying) and vacuum the floor surface once it is completely dry.

How to remove grease stains

If your Palace formed an ugly grease stains, get rid of them, you can use talc or flour: sprinkle any of these products on the contaminated area and leave for 20 minutes. Then remove all and RUB the stain with a sponge dipped in water with dishwashing detergent.

For removing old grease stains use the following method: mix 1 tbsp water with 1 tsp of baking soda and apply the mixture on the stain. After half an hour, remove cleaner with damp cloth.

Stains from various beverages

With spots of cocoa, tea or coffee you can handle using glycerin. Apply it on the contaminated area and leave overnight. In the morning, carefully wipe the stain with a sponge dipped in soapy water.

As for stains from red wine or fruit juice on synthetic carpet, then remove them immediately when you are prompted. Take a clean dry cloth and DAB her spot (do not RUB), then treat the area with a solution of water with glycerol (1 l. water 1 tbsp. l. glycerol). Leave for a few minutes and rinse with clean warm water.

Household chemicals

In the case when the means at hand and people's methods did not help you can use special cleaning products from the store: various shampoos, sprays or powders for cleaning carpets. All application information is usually indicated on the packaging.