Be less critical of yourself. If you are concerned about any act from the past, understand that you can't change what has happened, it is better to let it go. Much more productive is to focus on what you can improve in your life today. Remember that you only people. Learn to love yourself. The adoption of his personality - based emotional balance.
Understand that you should not worry much because of that think about you by other people. Believe me, they notice a lot less of your mistakes and blunders than you think. Don't compare yourself with anyone and do not look for idols. The main thing - not to go against its own interests and principles.
Get rid of feelings of anxiety. To do this, learn how to change and to abstract from unnecessary thoughts. Don't worry about what hasn't happened yet. Embarrassing moment may never come, but the mood of yourself you will spoil. If you have developed an undesirable situation, focus on finding solutions, not on the emotions that it causes.
Give yourself a moment to breathe. Take the time to do everything, otherwise sooner or later will break. It is important to learn to enjoy not only its performance, but also directly to the process.
Don't neglect the rest. This is a very important factor on your physical and mental well-being. Highlight calendar month vacation each year.
Watch your health, otherwise problems with it will cause stress and depression. Your spirit is closely connected with the body. When you're in good shape, your mood, too, reaches a high water mark.
Stop feeling like a victim and to wait for troubles from the environment. The feeling of a hunted man who humbly accepts all the strokes, has nothing to do with a great sense of inner freedom and self-esteem.