Don't forget that hunting skills would make the Dachshund a very special dog and will require you to respect her dignity throughout. This is a fairly well-known German hunting dog breed. From the XVI century, it makes an indelible impression on the hunt. The famous German zoologist A. E. Brehm noted that they are intelligent, smart, funny and very alert, will not be seduced to a stranger. In addition, dachshunds are great companions. Currently, they have a lot of chances in the cities.
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Be sure to keep in mind that even-tempered and calm but energetic and funny Dachshund brings joy and lonely people, and numerous family. She usually prefers a single host, while gently tied to all other family members. It perfectly protects the house, the owner, his things, having a booming and loud "voice". With excellent scent and hearing, the fee is not distracted by unnecessary noises, as do some breeds of retrievers and Terriers.
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Explain to the children and remember ourselves that the Dachshund is very cute and fun, but it will never tolerate to his dismissive and rude attitude. It will begin to show stubbornness and disobedience, can do the opposite, claiming their dignity. Remember that the contents of your fees should be based on love, mutual respect and trust. Do not resort to severe measures. When poor contact with the owner, she's vindictive, selfish and touchy.
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The Dachshund is easy to keep the apartment: it is small and very clean. Her hair look is quite easy. For long-haired and wire-haired varieties get a special brush and smooth coat dachshunds brush mitten.
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Always ensure that your pet does not overeat and move more. Do not let the fee too high to jump. This may damage the spine and lead to displacement of the intervertebral discs.
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It is interesting that no dog takes as much ingenuity and independence, like a Dachshund. If you see the dog as a companion, then you will appreciate her strong personality, brave heart and intelligence. The Dachshund is a hardy and viable, rarely sick, has a stable nervous system, which is characteristic of species with a strong Constitution. She is a tireless companion, can withstand high physical loads, despite their short legs and small size. Many dachshunds are good swimmers and hunt in water.
More walk with the dog. Dachshunds love to frolic in the fresh air, practicing his hunting instinct. On walks do not forget that they are still jealously guards have been posted, to protect their master. They can blindly throw at the dogs that exceed them in size and strength. It is important to know that for the serious and daring Dachshund respects all the dog tribe. Determination and firmness of her intent to not leave any doubt, even the most large breeds.
Training a Dachshund, patience and perseverance. There is an opinion that dachshunds are stubborn and rebellious. This is easily explained by her hunting skills. After all, on the hunt, fighting with the beast in the hole, which sometimes surpasses it in size, she more often uses her resourcefulness and ingenuity than physical strength. Imagine what this small creature needs to make their own decisions, not relying on the instructions of the owner. Therefore, manifestations of some tweaks taxes in everyday life surprise, but are completely reasonable. She will not rush with the performance of your team, not sure if it's absolutely necessary. But you will find unquestioning obedience at the coincidence of her and your opinions.
The fee grant some freedom in the house. Here she feels like a mistress always knows who is where and doing what. As a rule, it chooses the warm and cosy corners, loves to sleep, wrapping in a blanket. This dog loves the comfort and warmth. Trusting his master, loves to sit on his hands or knees.