How does deodorant dry dry

Deodorant dry dry - a great tool to get rid of sweating. Moreover, it not only eliminates odor, but is struggling with this problem. Another advantage of the deodorant is the duration of action. The tool can be applied on armpits, feet, hands, that is all the problem areas. It is very economical compared to other products, one bottle can be used for several months.

Use of deodorant is required, following the instructions. If a violation of one of the points the desired effect is not achieved. The effect of a deodorant aimed at narrowing of the sweat glands, reducing perspiration. To buy this wonder drug at the pharmacy.
The cost of the deodorant dry dry differs significantly from that of normal antiperspirants. But it is enough for 3-5 months, depending on usage.

Is it dangerous to use deodorant

There is a perception that the deodorant dry dry harmful and causes cancer of the breast. But numerous studies have not confirmed this fact, so women can use them without worrying about health.

Usage instructions

Deodorant use 1-2 times a week, depending on the extent of the problem. Apply on clean and dry surface for 1 hour before bedtime. Such measures are necessary to avoid severe and unbearable tingling. It should also be remembered that two days before applying means you can't shave hairs on the skin or produce other hygienic procedures that damage the integrity of the skin. Deodorant should not be applied on cuts, open wounds, on irritated skin.

If after using the deodorant skin very red, started itching, then you should immediately rinse with water. To apply it again only after 24 hours. On irritated areas of the skin you can apply a soothing cream. If redness and itching persist, you should stop using deodorant altogether.
Avoid contact with eyes. Otherwise, rinse with plenty of water.

Before use, remove the cap and push the bottle applicator that makes application easy. The tool then in a small amount spread on clean, dry skin and wait for 3 minutes to dry. After that, you should not take water treatments, you need to wait until morning. Smear armpit-scented deodorant does not make sense, but it is not forbidden. If after the working day is still observed wet circles on clothes in the armpits, then repeat the procedure again in the same sequence. The effect of the deodorant dry dry stored during the week.