This procedure is carried out in large beauty salons. It is aimed on effective hair removal with the effects of electric energy on the targeted area. To completely get rid of unwanted hair you need to undergo procedures that are assigned individually. This method has its contraindications, so be sure to consult with a specialist. Disadvantage of this procedure the material costs and long time spent on its implementation (1-1. 5 hours).
This procedure is performed by a specially trained master. The principle of action – the destruction of hair follicles by powerful radiation of the apparatus. Must undergo a course of treatments to completely get rid of unwanted hair. Disadvantage of this procedure is inefficient effects on gray and white hair, painful sensations, material and time costs.
Laser hair removal services.
The procedure is performed by experienced doctor-cosmetician. The principle of action – directed destruction of the hair bulb due to the laser beam. The procedure does not take much time and is virtually painless. The skin is not irritated or inflamed. Disadvantage of this procedure the material costs, the duration of the course (4-5 sessions over 6 months).
The most common method of getting rid of unwanted hair, both men and women. With razor you can quickly, at home to remove hair, spending a minimum of effort and money. Disadvantage of this procedure fragility, for 2-3 days you will notice the bristle.
This procedure is carried out both in the home and in various cosmetic institutions. The effect of smooth skin lasts one to two weeks. The procedure is painless. Disadvantage of this manipulation is a possible allergic reaction, so first be sure to do a test on a small area of skin.