What to do if shoes colors feet

If the shoes colors feet – so it must be faulty. But because you have every reason to demand from the store where it was purchased, a refund for the purchase. However, this shoes should not be worn. In addition, you must have a receipt. In case of failure you can write a certified letter to the service consumer protection. According to the results of an independent examination will be made the decision.
Note that if the only shoes color heel feet, this is considered normal, the defect is staining the entire foot.

The examination will have to pay you, but spent amount of money will be required to return to court. Most importantly, save all receipts and attach them to the case. Be sure that the proceedings be resolved in your favor, but, unfortunately, it will take a lot of time. Your intentions you can call the store Manager to understand what consequences may result in failure to meet your legal requirement.

To avoid such problems, experts advise to choose the shoes, the inner part which has a lighter shade (beige or white). If its inner side is colored, be prepared to staining of the feet during the heat or rain. In that case, if you don't want to change shoes, use one of five methods of getting rid of this problem.

Top 5 ways to fix the problem with staining the legs

There are 5 ways to get rid of the colored legs:

Professional tools for fixing the paint. They can be purchased in specialized stores. The most popular company producing such fixers - Salamander, Saphir, Tarrago.

Talc or wax. To do this, you should pour or apply one of these tools in the boot and RUB into problem areas.

Acetic or alcoholic solution. When processing places use a mild staining solution (a mixture of water with vinegar/alcohol). With a sponge walk through the places of colour and dry them Hairdryer. This procedure is recommended to be performed several times to achieve a visible effect.
Find the remover for inks, you can in special stores for creativity.

Hairspray. Sprinkle inner part of the Shoe several times, then let it dry and repeat the procedure 3-4 times. After the treated surface is again dried, wipe it with a dry cloth.

Remover for paint. This tool is most often used by artists. When choosing a solution, notice its smell, it needs to be subtle. The ideal option would be paint remover for hands, it is almost odorless and the most gentle to the material of the Shoe.